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Hi, I am Zach Christy. I like video and design and animation and motion and the fact that I get to do all of this at Oberlin is absolutely killer. Before working at Oberlin, I worked in advertising and although challenging, our clients were pretty limited creatively, so working at Oberlin has definitely been an eye-opener.

I think my interests can easily be summed up— I like to "do stuff." Whether it is searching for antiques, riding my bicycle 40 miles, taking a trip to a town I have never been, or researching a topic until my brain wants to explode, I never stop. I am an absurdly busy person and that is how I like it.

I didn't go to Oberlin for college, but immediately felt right at home when I stepped on the campus. Hopefully some of that shows through in the work that I will be presenting through this and other platforms (you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, or Behance).

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Can I have 5 minutes of your time?

We live in a fast world and people's attention spans have changed.


It IS possible to work in teams-- need proof?

Not everything is inherently interesting

Not everything is interesting to me. Actually, most things aren't that interesting to me.

Steal Like an Artist

Look at stuff that people have done and reimagine it in your own way.

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