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Hi, I’m Sarah! I am obnoxiously proud to be from Boulder, Colorado, a place I love with all my heart. I miss the mountains a ton, but I could not be more excited to be here at Oberlin! On campus, I live on the second floor of Dascomb, which is indisputably the best hall ever to exist.

There are so many subjects that interest me, and I’m having fun exploring them all right now (go liberal arts!). I am undecided for my major, but am leaning towards English or rhetoric and composition because I would love to tell stories for the rest of my life. Outside of class, I am on the swim team and work with WOBC News, Oberlin’s radio news source.

When I’m not busy, you can usually find me hammocking in Tappan with my friends, heading to a concert at the Cat, or catching up on Portlandia. Feel free to ask me questions about anything and everything — I’m really good at oversharing.

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