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Greetings, readers. My name is Sam Jewler, and I hope to make Oberlin come alive for you. I hail from Washington, DC, where I emerged from a life in the public school system with all parts intact and a thirst for a diverse, enriching education. That, in a nutshell, is what I have found here at Oberlin.

I've been a bit of a dabbler academically here, feeding my intellectual curiosity in classes from Buddhism to Documentary Production to the Transformation of the Welfare State. As of now I'm a Politics major with minors in History and Hispanic Studies.

When I'm not in class I spend most of my energies hunting down, writing and editing stories as news editor of the Oberlin Review, Oberlin's newspaper of record. I also work as a writing tutor in the library's Writing Center, which constantly exposes me to papers expounding on subjects I had never conceived of. And I work as a writing tutor/teaching assistant for a first year seminar program on the psychology of bias.

As you can tell, writing is important to me. Journalism, especially, is my passion. Now a senior, I've spent my last two summers living on my own in one of Oberlin's great feeder cities - the Big Apple - interning at the New York Observer and New York magazine. Blogging here gives me an outlet for a style of writing that doesn't strive for objectivity, and one that invites fluid writer-reader interaction. I look forward to conversing with my readers on all that I know and love about Oberlin.

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Working Infidelity

I abruptly dumped my old internship for a better one. Don't judge me, you would too.

How to survive as an unpaid intern? Get creative!

What do you do when you're broke and working an unpaid internship? Hint: begging your parents for money is only step one.

Reflecting, learning, laboring

The end of the year is always a time for reflecting on what you've accomplished. Having alumni salute you for it makes those feelings all the more meaningful.

Who says nothing happens on Earth Day?

I always thought Earth Day was a bunch of baloney. But this year, with the inspiration of my fellow student environmentalists, we're planning to make Oberlin's Earth Week one to remember.

Building a magazine from the ground up

I spent the last two years of my life learning journalism at the Oberlin Review. But the time came for change, and now I've used what I learned there to help create a new environmental magazine at Oberlin.

First week back!

In my first week back I'm learning about the Supreme Court and revisiting the time I ate strange pig parts in Spain.

A reporter let loose in the halls of the US Senate

My last day interning at TIME magazine was also my best day. One lesson learned: not all US senators are larger than life.

Action and Talking

What's the right way to protest when the stakes are highest? From Vietnam to climate change, Obies are constantly testing the boundaries of this question.

When nature calls, students organize. Part 2.

Then a woman in the front row stood up. She was sobbing. The Lieutenant Governor couldn't ignore her emotional plea.

When nature calls, students organize. Part 1.

Students from all over Ohio descended on Oberlin last weekend to learn about and organize for our generation's greatest battle: turning back climate change.

A letter to my Spanish host mom

It's been five months since I got back from Spain, and the nostalgia only grows stronger.

Oberlin students at the G20 protests: Reacting to a turbulent two days

Why were we there? How did the world see us?

Food and Friends

I promise I won't spend the rest of the year blogging about beer and circular logic, but it seemed like a good place to start.

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