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Oh hello! I’m Peter. I was born in the rad, rad city of Portland, Oregon. It’s a pretty dangerous place, not gonna lie. Every morning going to high school we would have to fight our way through the salmon swimming upriver to spawn. Also one time I forgot my bike lock and a bear stole my fixie. But it’s a beautiful city. If you get up early on the right fall morning, you may be lucky enough to see the yearly food cart migration rumbling through the streets, leaving a trail of smushed vegan cupcakes and spilled microbrews. Plus you don’t pump your own gas.

Anyway, now I’m a fourth-year student at Oberlin. If you run into me here on any given day, chances are I am drinking coffee. This is an activity that occupies a large percentage of my time. It’s possible, though, that I will be doing other things. I might be improvising for comedic effect. I might be dissecting a shark (this happened, for real). I might be cooking lentils. Maybe I’m even doing homework. Turns out Coffee Studies is not a real major, so I chose the next best thing: creative writing and neuroscience, a logical and normal combination with definitely a lot of overlap and real-world application.

At some point I intend to write some weird books and see if anyone wants to read them. Aside from that my life plan is pretty open-ended. Maybe I’ll try to go pro with this whole blogging thing. Speaking of which, why not read my blog? It’s right there. I think it’s actually pretty good. Go on.

{ Entries }


Winter Turmoil

Reflections on friendship, Canada, the Oberlin experience, and wearing socks on your hands.


A long-belated informational post about a thing I had a good time doing.

ArbQuest 2K14: A More or Less True Story of Commencement Melodrama

For the first time, perhaps, you come to understand the permanence of your departure.

Indecision Day

A Shameless Plug for Coming to Oberlin, or, Why You Made the Right Choice, or Why, if You Chose to Attend Some Other School But Are Still Reading the Oberlin Blogs, Which is a Super Good Idea as They Are Very High Quality, You Should Transfer Here at your Earliest Convenience, or at Least Keep Reading the Blogs


OSCA is like a glistening gem, polished to perfection by a master gem-polisher.

The Molar Vortex

A weird layover/vacation. A layovacation, if you will. Or vacayover.

The Final(s) Countdown

The universe may end but the work does not.

Ghostberlin 2

Points if you can identify a. ghosts and b. all the locations on campus.


Halloween has passed, yes, but ghosts never go out of season.

Liberal Artspocalypse

a.k.a. post-college life with a liberal arts major

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