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My name is Nick Endicott and I am really glad to be a member of Oberlin’s class of 2020! I grew up in the coastal village of Rockport, MA, so living in Ohio has been a huge change for me. While this change comes with plenty of challenges, my time at Oberlin just keeps getting better and better!

The arts have always been my “thing.” In high school, I studied every type of art I possibly could: acting, music, painting, sculpture, writing, set design—you name it. I was the kid who spent four hours a day (including lunch) in the art room, talking with my teacher, and making grand plans with my friends for installations and projects we would almost certainly never realize (a one act play about Jacques Cousteau set underwater?). It was awesome. All of these interests came together in my school’s theater department. There, I acted in many plays including Godspell and Little Shop of Horrors, I designed sets for two student-written plays and my own student-directed play, and found friends who remain my artistic partners, despite our now-long-distance relationships.

I knew my time at Oberlin would be spent exploring similar pursuits, only in a very different setting, with amazing mentors and passionate peers. Through my involvement in the Obertones (Oberlin’s premier all-male a cappella group), OMTA, the theater department, and the Oberlin Review, I am already beginning to approach that kind of totally immersive involvement in which I typically thrive. As a blogger, I hope to share my small-town-to-also-small-but-totally-different town experience, and all of my exploits through my intended majors and extracurricular activities. Thank you!

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