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Hello there! If we were doing medieval title things to move things along rather more quickly than is typical these days, I would introduce myself as McKinley the Droll of Cleveland, Cellist from the South, Lover of Words and General Thing-Doer. That's all you need to know about me in a nutshell: I love words ('droll' is a good one) and mashing them together into sentence things. I play quite a lot of cello (as a performer in far too many ensembles, a teacher, and a learner). I also do things (including but not limited to fencing, trying to stop being an undecided major, petting kittens, volunteering, and consuming coffee). I have proposed we make the medieval title practice as widespread as personal gender pronouns here at Oberlin, but unfortunately it has yet to catch on.

Beyond titles: I call both Cleveland and Texas my home, so I am well-versed in complaining about all types of weather. Despite this, I can usually be found strolling in the more or less great outdoors, regardless of the type of weather. When found, I will usually talk to you most enthusiastically about classical music (the sharing of which I have made a focus of my blog), Jascha Heifetz, cupcakes, neuroplasticity, or whatever you would like to talk about. Come introduce yourself! (Titles are optional.)

{ Entries }


So I Heard You Like Music...

A semi-demi-hemi-comprehensive guide to College music opportunities.

Chordophone Quest: There and Back Again

On an epic Winter Term spent in Persian-music-study-land and the return to Oberlin. Also: watch me play kamancheh!

Chordophone Quest: Part 1

Two chordophones. One month to create beautiful sounds. Alternate title: "I Should Probably Be Practicing."

Words and the World

In which I write about writing.

Alas, Poor Frederick!

...I knew him well. But now I know what advice to give fellow freshman friends of flora.

Classic Underclassman: Classy or Unclassifiable?

Because what's classier than classifying an unclassifiable underclassman's classes through classical music?

Strolling (or, Why I Don't Ride Bikes)

I am a great stroller, if I do say so myself.

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