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Why, hello there! My name is Karalyn and I am originally from Michigan’s capital city of Lansing. In Oberlin, I call a lovely little red Village House home. I spend much of my time here at my 3rd floor Mudd carrel or by the AJLC pond.

I'm an environmental studies major with a pathway in environmental racism and classism. I'm primarily interested in how our current systems have failed to protect our people and our environment. My interest in trauma studies and sexualized violence overlap my academic major with indigenous scholarship quite often. I like discussions (academic and otherwise) where I am able to listen as much as I speak. I work to make my time here at Oberlin worthwhile in preparing me to be a better person in the world at large. What I'll be doing out in the great big world, well, I hope to work that out here as well.

Outside of the classroom you can find me putting in hours for OSCA as an Accessibility Committee Coordinator, volunteering at Oberlin Community Services, listening to slam poets, improving my average at the Oberlin College Lanes, choreographing in South Studio, pushing the college to make this institution more financially accessible for low(er)-income students like myself, and collaborating with my friends and chosen family. My goal for senior year of college is to take a step back and savor these last memories I have time to make in this place.

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The Last Post

Goodbye, Oberlin Blogs. I'll miss you.

Letter to Myself as a High School Senior

For all of you high school seniors at home filling out your college applications right now, this is a blog post for you. It's written specifically to myself, but extrapolate my own advice into your own experiences.

From Obieland to Boston: Harvard Divinity's DivEx Program

I spent the first week of November in Boston, touring Harvard Divinity School as a Diversity & Explorations program participant, and attending the school's first Black Religion, Spirituality, & Culture Conference. But wait, this is the blog platform I write for Oberlin, where does Harvard come in? This is the story about how Oberlin got me to Harvard. (Maybe.)

Post-Election Strife + Campus Protests in Response to Gibson's Anti-Black Violence

This blog is a condensed source of writings I have been doing over the past week to process local and national events. The blocked quotes originally appeared in my journal and/or on my personal Facebook. + a trigger warning: this blog post specifically discusses acts of anti-black violence, overt white-supremacists, and unjust actions by police. Please take care when reading if you think these topics may affect you

The Last Semester

Most semesters I've told y'all about my course schedule so you can go back and see all the different classes I've been in. This one is special because it's the very last one of my undergraduate career. So let's dig in!

The Five Books You Read In College

A short overview of the five most important books I have read over the course of my time here.

Photo Essay : Summertime

Too much beauty occurred this summer to capture it all in words, so instead I would like to share some of my favorite photos of my favorite moments.

The Beginning of the End

I am still here. Though I entered Oberlin with an expected graduation date of May 2016, my taking a semester off has delayed that until this upcoming semester. This reality took me a long time to accept and I have a lot of feelings about what "not graduating on time" means for me.

Twenty Obie Things I've Never Done

Half wish list, half confessional, here are spectacular things that could be done here that I've never gotten around to.

Decompression Camping

When this semester ended I knew I wanted to celebrate with a camping trip. My friend Rewa and took off to my brother's favorite spot, Nordhouse Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Being sick in college is no fun. It's pretty lonely and there's no parental figure to wait on you hand and foot. But I promise, given a few tricks and a really good friend or two, you'll be better in no time. Or just in time for the cool Cat show on Friday.

Notes On Add/Drop

It's been awhile since I walked you through a day or a week in the life. So let's do that! This is a particularly bustling one as the first weeks back are full of things to do, people to see, and the dreaded Add/Drop.

California Dreaming

I've spent the last three weeks in California traveling down the coast and then back up again. My project has been creating a chapbook of poetry. Suffice it to say, this has been the most incredible Winter Term.

Surviving Finals: A Love Letter to My Friends

Finals are really tough. This is how I got through them.

Some thoughts on Self-Care on Campus

Sometimes college is hard. Sometimes you don't want to wake up at nine or go to the gym after class or drag yourself to Stevie/the co-op for a meal. Sometimes being a student is too much. Sometimes Oberlin is too much. This is a blog post for when you're there.

Ten Things I Have Done This Semester That I Never Ever Thought I Would Do, or, Why You Should Study Abroad:

Still on the study abroad blog flow, breaking it down with an essential list of all the reasons why you should spread your wings and fly away, aka study away during college.

My Feet Were Here: A Pedal Guide to London + Questions of 'Making It'

I want to tell a story of where I have been, where I come from, and where I stand.

A Newly Londoner Obie With A Bunch of Questions

This co-blog post is brought to you by me and fellow blogger Emily Wilkerson, and by the fact that I am studying abroad in London this semester!

Classic Classes Post

Well, midterms have blown by and finals are rushing towards us. Why don't I take a break from my frenzied studying and tell you about what classes I'm taking this semester?

The Oberlin College Lanes: A Good Place to Bowl

So, you ask, what is this 'sacred environment' so deeply felt when one enters the wooden door entrance to the Lanes in Hales Annex? Well, let me introduce you to The Ethos of the Lanes.

Where Have I Been?

More importantly, I learned how to take care of myself and be comfortable being me, with all that that entails, and am ready to return to class and campus this Fall.

On Being Back: Part II

So my semester has started. We're well into classes, and I'm mostly enthralled. I have returned to reflecting on what my life is becoming being back here. Naturally I am swamped this semester. And in being swamped, and thinking about all of these things I am doing, I start analyzing my tasks and asking myself a lot of questions.

On Being Back: Part I, My Orientation Life

I had a summer. Then I came back here. Lots of stuff happened before and during Orientation, and I tell you all about it. After Orientation there's been a lot of schooling. And there's more on that to come.

Class of 2017: Keep Calm and Read On

ATTENTION OBERLIN CLASS OF 2017: TAKE A DEEP BREATH. EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO BE OKAY. Roommate information is coming soon, I promise. In the meantime, here's something to distract yourselves.

For Prospies: An Interview to Make Your Decision Easier

In light of All Roads coming around once again, I'm writing about two first-years' college decisions and how they've worked out for us over the past year. So if you're a prospie viewing this page as you frantically try to decide before that May 1st deadline, read on!

A (my) Typical Weekday in Oberlin

I'll go with describing an average Thursday last semester, as that was my favorite day of the week.

Doing Freshman Year Wrong

I arrived as this terrible realization: I'm going about college the absolute wrong way. I have failed as a freshman.

Vitamins, The Civil Wars, and Love: My Roomie and Me

Becca and I are obsessed with eating children's vitamins, listening to good folk music like The Civil Wars, and being the best of friends. Read on to learn about my experience living at Oberlin and living with another.

Everyone has an Oberlin story

I tell you the story of how I came to be a student at Oberlin. And I want to hear yours too!

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