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My name's Harris and I've been at Oberlin for five years now. For a long time, I was a student, but these days I do web development work for the Office of Communications. I've lived in Oberlin almost year-round for several years running and have gotten to know the college and town both pretty intimately.

I fell in love with Oberlin after I had been admitted, when I first came to see it. The students here were the friendliest, most interesting, and most open people I had met in any of my campus visits. It totally made up for the fact that there wasn't an ocean in sight.

After a long and somewhat twisted decision process, I studied the fascinating world of mathematics. It's not something I or anyone who knew me expected when I first came to school. But like every Obie I've ever met, my studies and interests expand quite broadly beyond my major or my degree.

I bake on occasion, I write, I make art, I dance (contra, swing, blues and various folk), I experiment with electricity, I perform in and direct a semi-improv troupe, I take photos, and I find time on the side to follow a few TV shows regularly (Community and 30 Rock, in particular). I'm best known around campus for making Oberlin-related websites and being an avid dancer and dance organizer.

I also drink a lot of tea.

On the internet or in real life, don't be shy about saying hello. I'm sometimes quiet, but I like talking to you.

{ Entries }


Five Years

In five years, how am I changed?

Where I Am

Zooming in and zooming out.

via Las Vegas

On coming home.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Contra Dance.

Before college, I never danced. Now, I dance all the time. What could possibly be responsible for this 180° change‽

How I Chose My Major, Part II: Two years of everything.

The second of three parts on my epic quest to find the right thing to study.

God Rest Ye Merry Ellipses...

How Oberlin's Math Department celebrates the holidays and why mathematicians are some of the most fun people around.

How I Chose My Major, Part I: What I am. What I was.

Some people come to Oberlin eyes open and confident, knowing exactly what they want from college and prepared to take it. Most of us, in my experience, don't.

My Great Pacific Northwestern Adventure

Here are the highlights of my Great Pacific Northwestern Adventure. But, Harris, you say, shouldn't you write about Oberlin, instead of the completely unrelated Pacific Northwest? All in good time, I assure you. All in good time.

Map May Not Be To Scale

Hello, Fall Recess.

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