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Hello! I'm Elizabeth, and I'm one of the many happy Oberlin alums who excitedly tell people about how great it is to be an Oberlin student. The only difference is that I actually work for the Admissions office.

I came to Oberlin from a high school in South Carolina, although I spent most of my childhood in suburban Chicago. I graduated in 2006 with a major in politics, a minor in computer science, and a well-rounded liberal arts education. Along the way I was very active in the co-op system on campus, took an assortment of exciting ExCos, and spent a semester studying abroad in Shanghai, China. After graduation, I volunteered for a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA, coordinating a tutoring program and working in a technology center. I joined the admissions staff here at Oberlin in August 2008, and I'm excited about helping to bring the joys of an Oberlin education to a new wave of students. In the office, I have regional responsibilities (recruiting students and reading applications) for most of the Southern states, and also serve as the go-to person for many issues technological.

In my free time, I can be found reading anything from news to novels, keeping active with aikido and belly dance, and playing with bikes, motorcycles, kittens, and my husband.

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Need Sensitivity

Yep, sometimes it hurts to be sensitive.

The Llama Proposal

The proposal llama is one of several esoteric hand symbols used during co-op discussions at Oberlin. Here is the story of how it originated.

A Word to the Waitlisted

Two years ago, I wrote a detailed post about why we have a wait list that answered a number of questions you might have if you recently received a wait list letter from Oberlin, but I also wanted to comment specifically on this year's wait list.

And the letters are... almost in the mail

I know you're waiting eagerly for your decision letters. This is what we've been doing in preparation for sending them out.

What are my chances?

The information you need to make a semi-educated guess about the likelihood of your admission to Oberlin.

Back to School

In the admissions office, we particularly enjoy seeing all the new students arrive on campus because we have played such an important role in selecting the incoming class.

Problem Solving

What I learned at Oberlin and how, four years later, it relates to my job.

April Fools!

In a 4-1 vote, leaders of the universe this morning elected current Oberlin College president Marvin Krislov to the post of Supreme Leader of the Cosmos.

The Letters are in the Mail!

The Arts & Sciences Admissions Office is celebrating today, because decision letters for this year's applicants are finally being mailed out.

What's going on in the Admissions Office?

You're probably getting anxious. We're just starting to relax.

What's in a GPA?

Weighted vs. unweighted and why we don't care.


Regular decision deadline is next Friday! Here are answers to some questions common at this time of year.

The Oberlin Supplement

What's the point of that extra application essay, and what should you write?

High School Obsessions

Fairly often, we get questions from prospective students (or, more commonly, concerned parents) about the effects their choice of high school will have on their chances of admission.

Summer Duties

Or, why we've all been too busy to blog lately.

Summer Visits

Is it worth visiting Oberlin over the summer?

Demystifying the Waitlist

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the waitlist.

Events Galore

In which I support our claims about the astounding volume and variety of events in Oberlin by telling you about my week.

Emails and phone calls and physics, oh my!

Oberlin professors are super-cool, and sometimes give out their home phone numbers.

The letters are in the mail!

Your decisions are now in the hands of the US Postal Service, and the admissions office is celebrating.

The Beginning of the End

The big, important admissions exam is almost over.

Info Sessions, etc.

In which I share information on what an information session is like at Oberlin and ramble a bit about unicycles.

More Essay Writing Tips

Because there's no better way to procrastinate writing your college application essays than reading tips about writing your college application essays.

Go get a sticker!

Just so you can be as cool as the rest of the voting community.

The Hazards of Thinking Too Much

A rumination on thank you notes.

From High School to Oberlin to...Oberlin?

In which I chronicle my journey from prospie to student to admissions representative.

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