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My name is Eleanor. I came to Oberlin on the basis of one supreme weekend of contra dancing (Dandelion Romp 2010) and the contra dances have continued to be one of my favorite things here. Whenever you contra dance, you bring your past to the dance floor: not only your skills, but all the people you've ever danced with and all the places you've ever danced in. The dance becomes a haze of connections past, present, and future. The dancing here is wonderful, and it makes me nostalgic for New Hampshire, but it also makes me hopeful for more great dances in the future.

When I'm not contra dancing (which, to be frank, is most of the time), I enjoy living in Harkness, eating cinnamon buns, and doing mysterious Exnglish major things.

{ Entries }


Get a Hobby

Another obvious piece of advice that it took me a relatively long time to grasp.

Experiments with Caffeine

In which our intrepid heroine ventures bravely forth into the land of caffeinated beverages.

How (Not) to Declare a Major

It's a necessary step! I handled mine really badly! This is why!

The Meaning of Work

This is honestly not meant to scare you off; I'm just as excited about the beginning of the new school year as you are.

Postcards from the Edge

And by "the edge," I mean Mudd, 2 AM.

Ways of Being

Surviving my first add/drop period.

We Are All Going to Survive This

The uncertainty never ends! One day I will come to grips with this, and my mother (and my cell phone bill) will rejoice.

Still Reeling

This is why they italicize the performer's instrument after their name: Alexa Still, flute.

A Watcher of Things

Or, why calculus is not for me.

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