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Hi! My name is El Wilson, and yes, I am the kid in the wheelchair who talks funny. I have cerebral palsy, which means my brain was damaged at birth and generally has a hard time communicating with my body. Other than that, I’m your average genderqueer. My preferred pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I generally like to treat my gender like silly putty. I bend it in every direction.

I spend many hours a day drinking diet soda and working on creative writing and psychology homework. My two favorite things in the world are people and words, so I study both. On campus, I am on the book co-op’s management team and teach the ASL Exco. I also work for the Office of Disability Services as a Student Accessibility Advocate, which means that I mentor first years with disabilities and point out to typical (i.e. not disabled) people that they have this thing called privilege, and they need to check it.

When I’m not banging my head against a textbook or trying to turn my scattered thoughts into stories, you can find me on the rowing machine at the gym or laughing with my friends. In fact, you may even see me wheeling along and suddenly burst out laughing for no apparent reason. It’s kind of my thing.

The day I received my Oberlin acceptance letter, I felt like an 11-year-old who had just been invited to Hogwarts. Despite the fact that I find this place magical, my true home is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No, I don’t watch football (I still get quarterback and quarter pounder confused), but I can show you every used bookstore in the city.

As long as it’s past 11 a.m., I’m generally a giggly, friendly person. I’m as open as Dascomb on a Thursday night, so say hello and ask whatever you want.

{ Entries }


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How the most difficult summer of my life turned out to be the best summer of my life.

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A post in which I spend a fair amount of money to go through quite a bit of pain and deeply enjoy it.

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Do I speak English?

A blog post in which my linguistic anthropology class served as first class therapy.

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How random tidbits form the foundation of a good education.

When It All Fell Apart

In which my world falls apart at a very inconvenient time.

Why I spend way too much money on lattes: A listicle

My first listicle. And it's mainly about caffeine.

A Blog Post About Toenails

What I did during Winter Term 2016.

Why I'll Never Be Hermione Granger

A very late post about being a muggle during finals.

So I have this major...

The post in which I reveal that I have no idea why I'm a psych major.

On Being a Resource Encyclopedia

How I discovered the most helpful resource on campus.

The Do's and Don'ts of Orientation

My tips for making orientation more than just one long info session.

Summer, Sign Language, Stress, and Death.

How death interrupted my summer and an explanation of why I don't avoid stress.

How I Manage to Survive Finals Week

A list.

Sports Bars, Silent Weekends, and American Sign Language

How I'm becoming bilingual without a single Oberlin professor's help.

From Suburbia to the Land of Saints

Why I'm tempted to hug everyone in sight.

How I Became the Electric Yeti and Why Snow is a Social Justice Issue

Wheels and snow just don't mix.

I Am a Turtle and Other Winter Term Lessons

How I learned that I am a turtle who is bad at chemistry and doesn't have x-ray vision.

Dynamite of Change

Ferguson, white privilege, and one of the many ways I'm an ignorant idiot.

South Dakota, a $100 sleeping bag, and Mrs. Meanypoopyhead: My IYS Trip

How one week in the middle of nowhere helped me understand 6th grade social studies.


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