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Hello! My name is Dara Lehrer and I am a first-year here at Oberlin College. Oberlin was literally the only school I applied to last year, so maybe that gives you a good impression of how obsessed I am with this place. Maybe you already go here and are OSCA knocking right along as I write how great Oberlin is, or maybe you are at home scouring the Oberlin blogs, trying to figure out whether this is the place where you’ll spend the next four (or five) years of your life.

My pre-Oberlin life was spent by and large in my hometown, Tucson. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how radically different Ohio is than Arizona. I love the desert heat, the heavy summer rains and the gorgeous, impossible-to-miss mountains that I used to attempt to photograph while driving. Even though I’ll always be a desert girl at heart, the changes of seasons here in Oberlin are so so beautiful. Who knew grass was supposed to be green? And that leaves fell off of trees at certain times of the year?

Academically, I am interested in studying movement and medicine. I want to combine the knowledge that can be gained through studying human biology both in class and on the dance floor to create a more holistic and self-aware approach to medicine and healing.

Besides studying the body in school, I also practice yoga (and partner yoga, which is a ton of fun) and aerial silks. If you don’t know what that is, reference my picture spanning across the top of this page for clues. In essence, I like to hang upside down from a long strip of fabric. It’s pretty great.

My favorite thing about Oberlin is OSCA, which stands for the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association. Basically, big groups of us communally cook our own food, clean our own kitchens, and make our own decisions on food policy. It is, in my humble opinion, what makes Oberlin the overwhelmingly unique school that it is, as well as makes its students the responsible, motivated citizens they are.

So that’s a little bit about me, keep up with my blog posts to find out the nitty gritty of what I do on a week-by-week basis. My life is an open book now, read on!

{ Entries }


FAQ for Incoming First Years

Do you have the pre-orientation jitters? Are you at all anxious to leave home and come live in a place you've probably never spent a formidable amount of time at before? Do not fear! I am here to try and alleviate some of that anxiety.

Ode to Professors

I have had so many absolutely fantastic professors this year who have inspired me in all sorts of ways.

On Taking a Gap Year

I asked four of my friends why they took a gap year, what they did during their gap year, and what personal value it has had to them. Here is what they had to say...

Spring has Sprung

In honor of spring, I decided to take a few snapshots of the flowers. Being the hipster I am, I took the photos at night with flash.

Why Choose Oberlin?

If you have little more than a month to decide where you'll be spending the next four years of your life, and have received an acceptance letter from Oberlin, then read on. This post is for you.

Impressions from a Yalie

My name is Aleena, and I am a Yalie... I spent my past week visiting Dara at Oberlin, and now I'd like to share my observations, because I truly believe that Oberlin is an incredible place, and it might be interesting hear about from a non-Obie perspective.

Don't Burst My Bubble!

It is really quite easy to mistake this place for a little snow globe, complete with picturesque buildings, tiny flakes of falling snow, and of course the glass sphere encasing it all.

An Argument for Vagrancy, an Argument for Home

My books, my clothes, my hair even, are scattered all over the place-- all over my room, my friends' rooms, my room in Tucson. It's hard not to be scatter-brained when everything else seemingly is.

Fearless in Seattle

We may be fearless, but we're certainly not sleepless.


...and the tricky business of knowing when they exist and when they don't.

A Day in the Life of an Obie

Oberlin students are (in my ever so humble opinion) pretty unique in terms of their interests and how they spend their time in general. Here is my weekend in words and pictures.

Oberlin: Where the Bathrooms Aren't Gendered but the Food Is

If you're still following my train of logic here, which I can imagine some of you aren't, then you are probably thinking to yourself: okay, I get that. Hardly anyone has the genetic background from only one race, and I've seen people who change their sexual orientation. Fine. But gender? Can't you only really be one or the other?

T-break in T-Town

This blog is going to be a photo essay of the highlights of my trip back to Tucson (colloquially known to some as the "Dirty T," although I heartily refute this).

Sleeping Roomie

Leal, this one goes out to you.

What I've Learned

Let's be real-- classes aren't all that college is about.

Oberlin v. Yale

I spent a lot of time with my nose in the air and a crick in my neck when I visited my friend at Yale this week.

Obie Yogi

So there I was, happy to be a part of such a legendary class. The teacher, Eric, was great. Such a funny and intelligent man, and quite the stereotypical yogi as well (except during a few momentary lapses when he cursed in class, which was absolutely hilarious).


Something has changed though now, I can feel myself really sinking in here.

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