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Hey, y’all. I’m Christie Krancer, a member of Oberlin’s class of 2018. I’m pursuing a major in Latin Literature, probably another major in history, and maybe a minor in chemistry. Nobody’s really sure where my credits will take me. I hail from Bryn Mawr, a medium-sized town in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I first visited Oberlin in the last week of February, and it was a glorious ONE DEGREE outside, not including wind chill (and we all know how Ohio’s flat terrain maximizes that wind chill). Despite the miserable weather, I loved Oberlin. My mom, who graduated from Oberlin College in 1980, told me that if I loved Oberlin in the height of winter, it was a perfect place for me.

I live on the second floor of North and I'm a member of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hall. I first heard about Sci-Fi Hall when I was visiting Oberlin in February 2014; I overheard some students having a conversation about Mass Effect, my favorite video game series of all time. After I unabashedly added my two cents, I was welcomed into the conversation. When I mentioned that video games are one of my greatest passions, they suggested I consider applying to a special Theme Hall at Oberlin—one that caters specifically to fans of science fiction and fantasy. Now, if there were ever a one-hit K.O. of selling points for colleges tailored specifically to me, the presence of Sci-Fi Hall takes the cake.

Now, the number one thing to know about me is that I am a huge nerd. I love comics, video games, film, television, and books. I’m vehemently obsessed with anything involving superheroes or werewolves. I love space marines and dragon-riding sorceresses. I spend way too much time on cosplay, and I have a whopping 25 posters in my dorm representing all sorts of fandoms, from Marvel Comics to Bioshock to Hetalia to Legend of Korra.

Another hugely important part of my identity: I’m a hardcore intersectional feminist. I believe racism, classism, sexism, cissexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression cause society to fail a huge contingent of its people. I also believe it’s my duty to do everything I can to end that practice of failure. Through a rigorous and constant dedication to checking my privilege and a passionate determination to spreading the spirit of activism, I take advantage of every opportunity I have to minimize oppressive forces in my sphere of influence.

I wanted to join the Oberlin blogs because they made me fall in love with this school before I’d even seen it, and I want to help other people realize just how much this place can be a home for them. I want to tell rad stories and share my joy at just being a part of this incredible environment, and I hope my elated sappiness rubs off on the high schoolers who are doubting the fact that there’s a school out there crazy enough for them.

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