{ Hello }

Hello, hello. My name is Chinwe Okona and I'm a senior neuroscience major and Comparative American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies minor. Although I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in a little town called Flower Mound, Texas, I now call Coral Springs, Florida, a suburb of Miami, home.

For a while, I was more than sure I wanted to work in a lab and do research for a living or go to medical school. However, recently I've come to love the fields of public health and global health. After graduating from Oberlin, I hope to obtain my Master's in Public Health and hopefully do some type of work pertaining to minorities and LGBTQ-identified persons--really though, I have no idea what I'm going to be doing post-Oberlin.

When I'm not being all nerdy and scientific, I like to be active. At home, I go to the beach regularly to play volleyball and enjoy the sun, and I longboard everywhere. Although there's an absence of coastal water here at Oberlin, I pass the time as a member of the varsity volleyball team.

More than anything else, I enjoy good books, good music, and good conversation. So if you possess any of the above, humor me and I'll be more than happy to indulge.

{ Entries }


Honest Recollections

An account of my involvement in, as well as my thoughts on, the current student activism taking place at Oberlin College and Conservatory.

What do we call me?

I don't think this is sappy enough to be my first 'I'm leaving Oberlin' post, so we'll just call it my pre-'I'm leaving Oberlin' post.

one week in...

...and we're swamped. happy first week of class!

The Nomad Narratives, August Edition

The final culmination of my Bay Area adventures, as well as the beginning of my final Oberlin adventures.

The Nomad Narratives, July Edition

An account of East Oakland living and loving.

Non, but still profitable

I'm a Bay Area 501(c)(3) intern. Haay.

The Nomad Narratives, June edition

I was originally going to name this beauty 'The Couch Surfer Chronicles,' but I've yet to sleep on a couch.

Somewhere over Oklahoma, where it's 9 pm EST and still hella bright outside

I actually have no idea where I am, this plane doesn't have those little TVs with the electronic map. What other states are in the central US? Kansas?

Commencing and things, part II

A letter to some boys I know.

Commencing and things, part I

May 21st through May 28th, a retelling.

Agonizing over organizing

This is actually about my end-of-year schedule. However, I did have a friend who thought 'organizing' and 'antagonizing' were interchangeable when she was six: "Mommmmm, Michelle is organizing meeeeee."


A description of my Toni Morrison moment at Oberlin.

Chinwe's Adventures in Eco-land

Not quite down the rabbit hole, just over on East Lorain Street.

Class Act

Have you ever noticed that only thing people ask you for the first two weeks of the semester is what classes you're taking?

Sort-of spontaneously situated in San Francisco

True Life: I'm in the Bay Area for Winter Term.

Sciences and humanities, comparatively

I took a Comparative American Studies class last semester and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Just kidding, it was pretty neat.

Stacks on stacks on stacks, of stuff.

Hi, my name's Chinwe. I've got too much stuff and I'm terrible at packing.

This is the first year of the rest of your lives

Your parents aren't lying, college IS the bee's knees and all that. I'm just making sure you start it off right, okay!?

THE Professor List

In Oberlin, I think professors are kinda like celebrities. And these are the ones I go goo-goo eyed over.

Holy FYSP!

It feels like just yesterday I was choosing a First Year Seminar of my very own.

The living is ridiculously easy--

Actually I'm crazy busy, but whatever! It's summertime!


Turns out even the pickiest eater can chow down co-op style.

Course selection?

More like course PREselection.

We don't believe in winter around here.

That's right, Florida is the best place to spend Winter Term.

Sounds of Oberlin

Pretty much the fall semester of the sophomore year, in song. Almost like a musical. Almost.


Just so you have a little taste of what we're all going through.

Roommates are ________.

You should read this, especially if you don't like people.

Giving thanks for the brevity of this holiday.

Thanksgiving break: A reminder that the end of semester is so close, yet so far away.

No-shave October?

Because I clearly wasn't ready to handle No-shave November.

We all have a "This is how I discovered Oberlin" story...

This is mine.

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