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I’m Charlotte! I’m a creative writing major here at Oberlin, and an illustrative blogger here on the blogs. I come from midtown Manhattan, where I am still mildly frightened to stand on the terrace of my 36th floor apartment.

When I’m shirking my writing and illustrating duties, I enjoy co-op meals, making ambitious travel plans, and sacrificing my every waking moment to Oberlin’s wonderful theater community. I was raised primarily backstage, camped out in dressing rooms and prop closets with a book or a sketchpad. As a result, I have grown into a compulsively doodling Shakespeare-snob with a poor grasp of stable career choices, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You can usually find me forgetting my lines in Warner Studios, drawing cartoons of my beloved peers during class in King, or writing the next Great American Novel in Slow Train.

I’m happy to be back for another semester surrounded by homemade tofu, flat terrain, and some of the best people I know!

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The End

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Charlotte the Spider is Dead

Second semester senior thoughts and spoilers for E.B. White books.

Most Winters in a Blog

My last winter term. Look how many times I drew Jack Kerouac! Maybe too many times.

Fishnets and Flannel

Unsolicited advice from an unreliable source.

All Summers in a Blog

"It's not summer if your tongue isn't purple." - Bill Watterson

The Man Who Spat in My Face: A Homecoming

I definitely don't ever read trashy romance novels, definitely not, not ever.

Hello from Hyderabad

Study abroad, now with 100% more coal mine!

It's Fall

It is Fall.

I Bet Alexandre Dumas Got Writer's Block Too

Entirely belated musings on the end of winter term and the death of a famous explorer by beach-stabbing. I know that it's Alexandre, not Alexander, but I feel like he'd be cool with it.

The First 15 Days of the New Year Don't Count, Right?

This year, I resolve to come up with punchier excerpts. Please oh please, click to make gigantic.

Have a Non-Hetero-Normative Halloween!

Doodles to keep you up at night.

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