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Hello readers! My name is Calley and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I began my Oberlin journey as a double degree student with a major in violin performance, but have since switched to the college. I have a deep love for history and writing, and genealogy and heritage are the water to my sea (all that I am and full of mysteries).

When I was twelve, I started to teach myself Chinese. At Oberlin this has flowered into an academic commitment, just like my lifelong passion for history. Traditionally my realm of interests has been centered on the humanities, but I’m curious about all things.

I hope you enjoy the blogs and read them often!

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A Letter to My Violin

"Painful though parting may be, I bow to you as I see you off to the clouds." - Emperor Saga

So I'm Coming Up From Underwater...

Here's a reflection on my first semester of college, why it was rough, and how I came to see it as a true lesson in optimism.

Tips for Taking a Language

If you plan on taking a language in college with the goal of at least conversational proficiency, congratulations!

The Punch Brothers Fall '15 Residency: AWESOME

Beginning with a "listening party" that leapt swiftly from Buck Owens to Kendrick Lamar, this fall's residency was RAD.

My First Weeks of the College Rollercoaster

The ride of a lifetime.

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