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My name is Aries Indenbaum, and I was born in Point Reyes, California, though I did most of my growing up in New Rochelle, New York. After graduating this past May, I found an awesome job in Oberlin working for the Office of Communications as a Web Fellow. My job concerns building and managing social media platforms as well as writing for various campus publications. Or, as my parents put it, "She does stuff on the internet."

Outside of work, my life as a staff member is not so different from my life as a student. I'm teaching the Storytelling Exco to a group of wonderful people. Over the last semester, I've become much more involved with swing dance on campus, taking the Continuing Swing Exco and going to as many dances, workshops, and lessons as I can. In my spare time, I write speculative fiction: prose that describes the future to discuss the present.

In my time at Oberlin, I've been involved in a vast spectrum of activities: from choirs to improvised comedy, volunteering at a local farm to co-producing a noir radio show. My biggest commitment was OCircus, Oberlin's Circus, involving about a hundred jugglers, hula hoopers, composers, acrobats, dancers and musicians. As a first-year student, I started as a clown; the next year, I was a House Manager; as a senior, I was the Ringleader.

Since my freshman year, I've been a tour guide for Oberlin Admissions. My last year, I worked as a Senior Intern, conducting interviews, exchanging emails with prospective students, and learning how Admissions works. I also worked as a Creative Writing Intern, giving information sessions for prospective majors, and an Academic Ambassador, a mentor for first-years who helped with class scheduling, registrations and adjusting to college.

I love running, candy, student bands, the Arboretum, ideas, my friends' lives, music, different ways of learning and sharing, trees, robots, comics, stars, and politics.

I also love to make new friends. Like you.

{ Entries }


The Hipster School?

On stereotypes, underlying truths, how college is different from high school, and why we are (and aren't) a hipster school.

Goodbye to Oz

I feel totally comfortable in Oberlin. I don't worry about homophobia, sexism, or personal security. I can go running at 2AM here, without fearing for my life. I can smile at strangers. I can be myself. Leaving Oberlin means leaving home.

The Dating Game

On dating at Oberlin, the agony and ecstasy of relationships, why I hate summer, and love. Stupid, horrible, crazy love.

The Winter Term Photo Album

In order to get an idea of the scope of Winter Term projects, we asked students to submit photos. We received shots from the top of Kilimanjaro to the Mad River Valley in Vermont; Prague to Washington, DC; Seattle to Oberlin. Then we made an album.

New and Improved! Guide to All Roads Lead to Oberlin

A REVISED comprehensive list of events for the next weekend, when most admitted students visit. Featuring: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, fashion shows, pizza night, dance shows, and film festivals.

The Blues Dance

Blues dancing just feels natural. It's the ultimate partner dance, encouraging trust, freedom, and ridiculousness.

The Ballad of Balboa

One of the best dancers in America lives in Cleveland: Valerie Salstrom. OSwing, in its great and powerful wisdom, invited her to visit Oberlin for a weekend to teach balboa and blues.

Evenings at the Feve

When you visit Oberlin, you must eat at the Feve. The Feve isn't just a restaurant -- it's an experience.

The Ultimate Winter Term Project List

The most amazing, delicious, creative, fantastic and new things to do for the month of January.

The Alumni Interview

Even though we sat in tiny plastic desk-chairs, I felt incredibly at ease. He didn't take notes. He didn't ask for my GPA. We were just chatting.

Pranks, Pottery, and Hiding Places

Since freshman year, I've known we have a Pottery Co-op. I've seen the bowls; I've had tea in their mugs. But until now, I've had no idea where it is. (Warning: entry includes pranking photos, ray guns, and violence to bicycles.)

Finals in Perpetual Motion

If you've heard the song "We Will All Go Together When We Go," by Tom Lehrer, it encapsulates the joyful fatalism of finals. This is why we have gender-bending, gravity-smashing swing dances.

Just (Swing) Dance

I'm incredibly clumsy -- when I was a freshman, I actually fell on my face hard enough to give myself a black eye. But regardless, I love to dance. Especially swing dance.

A Very Steampunk Thanksgiving!

At Oberlin, my friends are my family. They're all different: what they look like, what they care about, where they're from. But they're my people.

Confessions of a College Gym Rat

I love the gym. I love sweating. I love running. I love lifting things. I love feeling my muscles quake.... Confession #12: I'm a gym rat.

History Takes a Visit

This week, I gave a tour to the direct descendant of John F. Oberlin. In my head, I pictured an irritated blond, infuriated by my foolish blathering and my inability to discuss Oberlin achievements in conversational French. (Warning: Entry includes bears.)

Creative Writing: The Most Terrifying Application

"You have to want to be a creative writing major." Featuring: Aries fails, the creative writing application (how, what and why), what alums do, and why classes are really hard.

Why Creative Writing?

The truth behind one of the best reputations in the country. Featuring: fangirling over professors, cursing, fear, what a workshop is, and Writing versus English.

Master of the (Student) Senate

"If we had duct tape, we'd help Klebanoff know what's good for him." - Prof. Paul Dawson speaking about Ben Klebanoff (Student Senator and wunderkind).

On the Job!

Discovery: I can't define my job because it's always changing.

Orientation: Best of Times?

Normally, Orientation is a crazy time, though no one agrees why. That said, this year feels different. These freshmen are just way too cool.

Aries versus Bicycle

Nearly everyone at Oberlin can ride a bike. And for the first time in my life, I want to be like everyone else. How hard can biking be?

Tour Guide for Life

I love being a tour guide. The job is to share what you love while walking backwards, connecting with people from across the country and the world. What's more rewarding than that?

The Kid Stays in the Picture: Aries Gets the Job!

The job search is one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had. The only time I've ever felt so confused and overwhelmed was writing my college applications.

My Date with Cleveland

Until this summer, I'd never spent a full day in Cleveland. It was time to change that. It was time to get to know Cleveland, to see if I wanted to deepen our relationship.

Graduation: Suits, Sundresses and Speeches!

Say "commencement" and I think of the iconic hats in the air, traditions, pomp and circumstance, formality... But Oberlin students don't really DO traditional.

Senior Week (in Webcomics!)

College has been better than any other time in my life. When I think about who I was when I arrived here, and who I am now... I am a fundamentally different person. I grew up in Oberlin.

Senior Recital: Storytelling Strikes Back

Generally, I'm a very confident, extroverted person. Unless I'm performing.

Round Midnight: Acapella tries to save us from Finals!

Despite study breaks, things still get odd around finals.

Work for Circus: My Last Big Show

We packed the bleachers, night after night, squishing in 500 people per show. An audience of 1,500 in all saw my last big show.

Oberlin: Enter the Classifieds

Oberlin students have a certain spark. It's not snark or cynicism, it's more of a slightly pointed... silliness. Weird implies non-functionality; uniqueness is too bland. Eccentric? Zany? Jaunty? Quirky? .... Does anyone have a word for us?

We are Building a Circus, We are Building it Bigger

Building a circus can be outrageously different from theater. Circus creates issues you don't have to worry about with theater: like insurance, or fire permits. And not having a script. Or a stage manager. This makes everything even MORE exciting than normal!

Why Oberlin? My All-Roads Flashback

This is my old livejournal entry from when I visited for All Roads as a prospie. Wiggle your fingers: it is 2005, I have really long hair and wear a green military coat.

All Roads: Behind the Scenes

As I am employed as a tour guide, admissions intern, and creative writing intern, "All Roads" is pretty busy for me. Besides tours, info sessions, and panels, I saw Reefer Madness, sunbathed, and contra danced.

Addicted to Bad Ideas: Punk-Metal-Rap-Ska Music Shows

Tonight: Music party at Harkness, with Andrew Gombas, Birthday Kids, and Dos Mil Días De Fuego. Before that, I saw Spring Back, a dance show, so it's been... a long night. My ears hurt. My thighs hurt. I am super-duper happy.

Drag Ball: Photo Edition!

Everyone is attractive, even when you have no idea what gender they are.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is an Average Day?

One of the questions I get on tours is "What's an average day like, for an Oberlin student?" This is, of course, one of the most difficult questions ever.

Introspection: Aries versus Aries

"Bloggers don't have to be introspective," I protested. She put her hands up, "It's not a bad thing. You just... might want to think about stuff. Sometimes. You don't have to, but it's good. Sometimes."

Mammoth Cave: the longest entry in the world.

Spring break in Mammoth Cave! Featuring: flutes, food, camping, kodama, hiking and super-cool people.

Swing Dancing > "Real World"

In fear of the real world, I resolved to do and see as many ridiculous things as I can this semester. Like swing dancing.

Work it, dance it, write it.

Some people speak Spanish, French, Chinese. My friends speak Science. If I didn't speak at least some pidgin Science, I couldn't understand them at all.

Main Street Readings: Flash fiction, poetry, and bluegrass!

When I got the note, I started dancing in the library and letting out some jubilant obscenities. I hadn't expected to win, especially for a story I hadn't workshopped, in a style I was new at.

My Valentine, or, the sappiest entry ever.

Things I didn't expect from college: Moving in with the boyfriend.

Hieronymus Bosch in a Hot Air Balloon

During Add/Drop, we overcommit. This is inevitable.

Flying and fooding

Once we landed at Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, I woke up and raced for the bus stop. After waiting outside for 10 minutes, I huddled indoors and discovered I had missed the last bus by 15 minutes. Gahhh.

Circus Parties and Finales

We were getting bedraggled, after countless handstands, cartwheels, and rope climbs. Yet as the weeks wound down, we got closer and closer as a group.

Seattle, the city of neighborhoods.

"I've never been to Seattle," I said, imagining gray skies, coffee, comic books and indie bands.

Off to Circus School!

Right now, I'm in Seattle, studying at SANCA, the School for Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. To put it succinctly, this school is going to kick my ass.


The hard part of Finals is ... finishing them.

Work it for Women!

The money raised by Work it for Women was to help women with the costs of an abortion: travel, overnight stays and child care.

Contra Dancing: What, Where and Why You Should Do It

I'll do anything for a contra dance.

Don't Let Go of the Coat

I'm keeping the coat, of course. There's a lot of life there.

Interviewing Advice!

Interviews: What To Do (and What Not To Do)

Et in Arcadia Ego

I think you can tell a lot about someone by their To Do list.

Bed of Nails!

Is this safe? Safe enough.

The Family Circus

We may not be blood relations, but we are a family.

I love Halloween.

I went as Bettie Page, which is hard to do.... in public. For the sake of Oberlin College, I won't do too much description. Suffice to say, I looked classy.

Fall Break in Oberlin

When it's so quiet, I enjoy my hard-won free time. I take up my whims.

One and All

Hi! My name is Aries!


I listened to Jim's piece "Chorale" this morning. Damn, it was great.

Work Ethics

Bad idea: Working on a Friday night.

Woman who fell from the sky

The Storytelling Exco has been the pillar of my college experience -- performance on the outside and therapy on the inside.

I don't write my stuff anymore, I just kick it from my head.

Ratatat, playing at the Sco on Tuesday, was insane.

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