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Hi, my name is Alison Kronstadt. Ever since I can remember, words have been my way of making sense of the world. No matter where I go, I’ve got a book and a notebook with me – from my hometown in Silver Spring, Maryland to here at Oberlin, and anywhere else. I love nothing more than having fun and then writing about it, which is why I’m so excited to start this blog!

At Oberlin, I like to keep pretty busy. I’m one of the captains of the women’s Ultimate Frisbee B team and the co-president of OSlam!, Oberlin’s slam poetry club and team. On the less leader-y side of things, I make tofu in Keep, teach Spanish a wonderfully chaotic class of 4th graders as part of the SITES program, and, you know, take classes. I’m a Hispanic Studies and Creative Writing double major, so it’s safe to say at any given moment I have about one rainforest’s worth of writing, both others’ and my own, in my backpack.

Whether it’s doing something that I love and have been doing forever (like writing), or something that I have absolutely no experience or talent at (like Frisbee, which I hated passionately before I got here and realized that it was awesome), I’m a big believer in diving in with both feet. I wanted to start this blog to get me to do things I had never done before, and now that it’s started I can’t wait to tell you about all of the crazy things I get up to.

{ Entries }


I Try a Different Kind of Joyriding

You have to take your alone time when you can find it.

What I Did and What I'm Going to Do

Between roughing it in the woods on my own, getting myself to and from my job/internship every day, and being responsible for 30-odd children, this was one of the most grown-up summers I've ever had.

I Try...Sophomore Year?

This school year has been one of the hardest I've ever experienced, but it's also probably been the year where my life looked the most like I wanted it to.

I Try Captaining the B Team

Captaining taught me that a group of people can never have a monolithic definition of success; it's always going to be multifaceted, and they have to define it together.

I Try Short Hair

I am learning that as long as I never limit the space of others, I am entitled to every inch of space that I take up.


Every day in Colorado, I didn't just meet spectacular people, I met spectacular people who believe what I believe: that arts-related activism isn't frivolous, that it can save and radically transform lives.

The Romanticization of Commitment

"At Oberlin, we romanticize signing ourselves up for an impossible amount of commitments and never sleeping."

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