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Hey everybody! I'm Alex, a fourth-year Africana Studies and sociology double major in the college. I am born and raised in the heart of the south side of Chicago and yes, I am a Posse Scholar as well. I fell in love with Oberlin during an Multicultural Visit Program Weekend (now Access Oberlin) and have been a happy student ever since.

As a student I am really interested in issues of social inequality, education, politics, African American literature and the experiences of students of color. My experiences in the classroom have been amazing—discussing questions of identity and critiquing what I believe to be "common knowledge" as well as finding new ways to engage with world issues.

Outside of the classroom, I am involved as a campus overnight host through the Office of Admissions, where I spend a lot of time encouraging prospective students of color to visit, apply to, and enroll at Oberlin. I also work in the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment so I really love helping students figure out parts of their life at Oberlin.

I am also involved with several cultural groups and spaces on campus, specifically for the Africana Community. I am a part of ABUSUA, our Black Student Union, as well as Sisters of the Yam (SOY), which is a group for African American women as well as other womyn of color. Generally, I can be spotted around campus either laughing or smiling with a group of pretty cool folks but if you see me definitely say hey :)

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One Last Time

A farewell post by this Class of '16 blogger.

Before You Go

In those fleeting moments where you find yourself wedged between possibility and rejection, remember these things... before you go.

The Honor Is Mine

Graduation caps, some love and a few honorable mentions from a blogger on her way out.

Write As You Are

We are all made up of stories, but what is the introductory story we give continually rotating audiences who attempt to be guests at our theater of life?

Dear Graduate,

Spirits are rejoicing all across the nation as commencement happens. Here are a few words to my fellow graduates (as well as myself) to keep as we all move forward in life.

The Essence of Time

What is the essence of time? Why is Winter Term a great way to think through this question. Let's explore it, together!

35 Notes on Burnout & Healing

When it comes to being a college student and experiencing exhaustion, there is a lot of similarity across experience but general silence around what to (proactively) do about it. So let's talk!

My Least Favorite

Every time I encounter a prospective student visiting campus I am asked the inevitable question, "What is your least favorite thing about Oberlin?" Here's a post about how I think through that question.

The Last Ride

The countdown to campus is T-minus 8 days until returning move-in!! Here's the checklist of things you probably didn't get...

Dreams to Vision

Oberlin is full of visionaries but how does all that happen? Where did these folks start? Can that be me too?! Let's talk about it!

Senior to Senior

To the Class of 2015 graduating next week to the incoming Class of 2019, here are some words from one senior to another.

ExCo Fever

What is the most memorable course you took at Oberlin? Why was it so amazing? If you could teach a course, how would you do it?

Legacy, Heritage and Love

What is the heart of cultural celebrations? Here's some insight on Black History Month.

Resolve to Action: Winter Term + Opportunity

As well-intentioned as our resolutions may be, perhaps focused goals are more useful.

One Major Down

For anyone who has ever debated what college major to choose or wants to know what it feels like to find "home" in ALL of the work that you do... you should read this.

What Do I Do It For?

Why college? Is it the only option? When you get here, what will you find here? College is a beautiful fancy world but from time to time we must all ask ourselves... what do I do it for?

Back At It

Getting back to the grind on campus entails a lot. Let's have a conversation about mental health and wellness, specifically for returning folks.

Location, Location, Location

What does it mean to be able to locate yourself within academic work? Can you see yourself in the very spaces and fields that you learn about or is formalized learning an isolated process for you?

To Be Loved

I had a great first week of school and it was because of all the positivity and love around me. So I got creative and wrote a post about loving the love around me and extending it further.

Love, Mama

"Disclaimers" sets the context for this open letter of sorts that captures elements of a relationship that stands the test of time among a variety of societal challenges, perceptions and misunderstandings.


In light of the rising of Ferguson, MO to mass media attention and the ever increasing black and brown bodies being lost, I took some time to reflect on what I am called to do. First and foremost was to qualify what this blog is for and to set the tone for what is to come.

50 Pearls of Wisdom: Part Two

An extended second edition of words to the wise about life, college and some useful takeaways for Oberlin and beyond.

Present and Represent

Tupac once said, "I'm a reflection of the community," and this is how I apply that mentality to my Mellon research.

Confessions of an Undergraduate Researcher

So here's a bit about undergraduate research at Oberlin, some personal thoughts and some new directions for my own personal, community-engaged research.

50 Pearls of Wisdom: Part One

College can be hard and since there is a new class of incoming students, I wanted to share some major advice, love and answers with you all before you come into Oberlin officially.

The Mellon Dive: Part II

Diving for more Mellons?? Here's more updates on research at Oberlin and all the wonderful ways it can evolve.

From the Heart to the Pen and Back Again

On May 28, 2014, Dr. Maya Angelou joined the ancestors after leading a tremendously full life.

Welcome to the Dub Club: Breaking In A New Decade

Did you miss me?! I've been away for a little bit (many apologies) but I am back with more quotes, a couple laughs and all the other good stuff!

Talk That Talk To Me

What kind of conversation works best for you? What do you like and dislike? Let's trade thoughts about elements of quality discussion in all of its forms for a few minutes...

Runnin' Away With Me

Spring is slowly creeping in... do you need something fun to do? Then, take your pick of all the wonderful events coming up in April and May and enjoy your spring semester properly.

Ol' Father Time & I: Advice From the Halfway Line

Let's unpack a big question: what did my college experience teach me? With the assistance of some food-for-thought quotations, let's explore how time, space and maturity interact to reveal things about ourselves.

Redefining Value In a College Major

What is the value of a liberal arts degree? What does my Oberlin degree say about me post-graduation? Am I the only one thinking about these things?! Let's talk about what it means to find value in your college major on your own terms.

The Mellon Dive

Research at Oberlin is a truly unique opportunity and starts with our own personal journey. Well, here goes mine. Let's go on a Mellon Dive.

Celebrate Your Story

It is Black History Month and as we celebrate the legacy of African American cultural heritage and experience nationwide, let us also find ways to connect that same history to our own Oberlin narratives.

Takeaways and Lasting Impressions

Some final thoughts on Winter Term '14... Here is to a month well spent, laughs well had and much appreciated personal growth.

Wild 'n Wiser

What does it mean to find yourself (metaphorically that is)? Is it your wild intuition? Is it your carefree personality? What makes self-discovery useful for you?

Switchin' It Up and Movin' It Down South

Winter Term swept me up in a snowstorm and transported me down South. Now that I am here in New Orleans I have all these cool things to do, like...

3:5 Reflections on Another Semester Down

FINALS ARE FINISHED!! Now it's time to think about the rest of college...

Make It or Break It Week: The Mellon Chronicles

It's make it or break it week with the impending announcement of the new Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Cohort and well... you'll just have to read on.

How I Discovered Kuumba

Kuumba means to always do as much as we can, in the way we can, to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Declaration Trumpet

I am center stage with my declaration trumpet, playing passionate rifts of commitment to my interests, scores of love for the fields, and songs of confidence stemming from my assurance of choosing the right path.

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