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Hey! I'm Abby, and I am a second-year student from Ann Arbor, MI. I like Maurice Sendak books and Edward Gorey, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julia Davis, Found Magazine, The Moth Radio Hour... basically storytelling in all of its forms. I'm not sure what I'm going to major in here, but potentially some combination of creative writing, classics, and English.

Outside of class, I think OSCA (Oberlin Student Cooperative Association) and ExCos are awesome, as they provide the opportunities to improve skills in both vegetable chopping and chocolate tasting. I also have a wonderful job hanging out with kids after school at the Boys and Girls Club, and I try to make it to meetings for Students United for Reproductive Freedoms and the Plum Creek Review, which is our literary journal.

It's also pretty fun to just walk around and talk to people. The people I've met here are wild and smart and funny and creative and strange - the campus is pretty and the buildings are nice and the library is full of books, but the people here are definitely my Oberlin.

{ Entries }


Honey! I'm Home! (but oh--)

Watching Harry Potter on the plane home yesterday did not fulfill my wish to land in a place where everyone still had British accents.

Mo-zhe lee da o-sta-nuh da spuh too-ka?

Travels in Bulgaria, coming home to London. Things I relied on: my phrase book, the kindness of strangers, and painkillers.

A Very Brief Guide to London NW1

Life on Albany St and beyond.

"I know the moon / And this is an alien city."

London, week one. It's sort of like Ohio except not at all. For instance, flowers are growing.

49 Things: A Week in the Life

Seven (hopefully sometimes interesting) things a day. Seven days. This is what I did with my week.

Freshman Year! The Musical

thoughts on being back here + songs for the deliriums and doldrums of freshman year

Agreeing With Everything, or The Freedom of Knowing Nothing

Travels in Europe pt. 2: The challenges of luggage and language and dealing with normal life things, like food.

I love London. And I love Oberlin because it's going to bring me back.

I went to London, and saw all the wrong things. It was marvelous and exhausting, so I only wrote two paragraphs. You can read them here.

Scary Things, and why Fearlessness would probably suck.

On the truth behind Fearlessness, and why freshman year is not a fearless time. Also includes: Sex and The City 2 spoilers, chasing a hen, and the best American film scene ever.

Airplane dreamin'

I'm going to Europe, like people in movies do. How is it that people know what they're doing when they do things?

This is how the year ends:

Dear Oberlin, please come back. Love, Abby

but ah, desire still cries, give me some food.

weekends = brunch. brunch = love. and brunch + love? perfect.

Creative Writing, Hopes, and Dreams.

Applications for 300-level creative writing classes are coming up, and I am biting my fingernails. So rather than work on my actual application, here is a look at the gruff world of major-choosing, plus a declaration of love for my professors.


This being my first Oberlin blog entry and all, perhaps some introductions are in order.

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